Forest Lodge Library

A joint library of the Cable & Namakagon communities.

Use the Internet

Public access computers are offered on a first-come, first-served basis and each user is allowed a 30 minute session. If there are no additional patrons waiting to use a computer, patron sessions will be extended. There is no limit to the number of times per day a patron can log on to a public access computer.

Our PHAROS computer maintains the queue of those waiting to use public access computers. Those wishing to place themselves in the queue should log-on through PHAROS using their library card or a temporary card supplied by the Forest Lodge Library. At the time their reservation is made they will be advised when their session will begin, and they'll have five minutes from that time to log on or lose their place in the queue.

To log-on to a public access computer, or to reserve a spot via the PHAROS queue, patrons will be asked to supply a LOG-ON #. This is your library card number. You will also be asked for a password. Your password is your birthdate written thus: XX-XX-XXXX; two digit month, two digit date and four digit year with a dash between entries.

The Forest Lodge Library has a limited number of temporary use cards at the Circulation Desk which may be used by those visiting the area and wishing to use a public access computer.

If requested to do so, staff will offer assistance to patrons in setting up email accounts or conducting online searches, providing there is sufficient staff available to conduct normal library operations. 

Forest Lodge Library wireless access is active 24/7 and requires no password to log-on. Be aware that this is a public network. If wishing to conduct secure transactions, please utilize one of our public access computers.

While staff is willing to offer assistance, they cannot be expected to be familiar with the operation of your own device and may not have familiarity with your email program.

We don't know your passwords. Only you know your passwords! When creating sure to write them down someplace where they're secure, but you won't lose track of them.

Online gaming activities may be restricted during times of heavy computer use, as those activities utilize a lot of bandwidth and can have the effect of slowing all internet access in the library.

When in doubt, just keep clicking.