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What's News?


Today is Wisconsin's Partisan Primary...and, yes, I voted...#78 in Cable at about a quarter past 11, which is a darned good turn-out for our little town! 

Coming up on 11/6 is a mid-term election that will hopefully break some voter turn-out records. Nearly 60% of the population voted in the 2016 Presidential Election. ONLY 60% of Americans voted. That is not enough. Voting is what democracy looks like...and, as a nation, we need to make it a priority...vs. figuring out devious ways to prevent people from voting. 

Here in Cable it's really not too difficult to get yourself registered to vote...and it's something you can accomplish sitting at a computer, by visiting the conveniently located Town of Cable office...or, you can even register on Voting Day! With the assistance of Deanne Allen, Cable's Town Clerk, I put together a pamphlet outlining everything you need to know to get yourself registered to vote! I'll copy that information below...or, if you'd like an actual pamphlet, stop and pick one up...or give us a call at 715-798-3189 and we'll be happy to put one in the mail to you.

Before I do that I want to encourage everyone to visit and check and make sure that you ARE registered...sometime well before 11/6. Up here in the northland where everyone knows everyone (but still checks their i.d. because it's the law!) it's not such a big deal. But, downstate, where more shenanigans transpire...or if you move around a lot...find out now...instead of election day...because you definitely want to vote 11/6!

Here's the info!

Are you all registered and ready to vote? If not, it’s time to get on it!
Here in the Town of Cable, it’s pretty easy!
Here are three (3!) ways to register!

ONLINE! (Before 10/16 for the 11/6 mid-term election.)
Go to: To register online, a valid, unexpired Wisconsin Driver’s License or Wisconsin ID Card is required. Your address and date of birth must match the information on file with the Wisconsin DMV. If a match cannot be made with the Wisconsin DMV, you will still be able to register to vote by printing, signing and mailing or delivering your registration form in person along with proof of residence to the Town of Cable Clerk. The website does contain a link to the WI DMV site if you need to update your address information.

The site will review voter eligibility requirements. You can fill out your registration form online and provide the necessary proof of eligibility and you’ll be registered to vote. You will be given the opportunity to download confirmation of your registration, or request one by mail. A postcard verification is also sent to all online registrants. Please review the information provided and if everything is NOT in order, please contact your local Town Clerk to have the error corrected. A typographical error does not require a new registration.

You do not need a library card to use a public access computer at the library! (Although…why wouldn’t you want a library card? We’d be happy to make you one!)

You must register online within 20 days of an election and be able to vote. If you missed that deadline…

Present yourself in person at the Town of Cable office, located at 43395 Randysek Road. Fill out the form and show a current photo ID and proof of residency to Town of Cable Clerk Deanne Allen. Once the form is completed and your eligibility is verified, you’ll be entered into the State database as a registered voter. Town Clerk Deanne Allen is at the Town office Monday-Thursday, 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. If those times are not convenient for you, please call Deanne Allen at the Town of Cable Office, 715-798-4440 or at 715-798-5097 to make an appointment to meet at the Town office at a time of your mutual convenience.

A separate table for same day voter registration will be set up at the Cable Community Centre, 13660 Cty Hwy M, which is where Cable votes. The same proofs of eligibility will be required: a photo ID and proof that you have resided at your Cable address for a minimum of 10 days in advance of the election.

Wonder if you’re registered? Visit, click on the My Voter Info OR the Register To Vote tab and input your name and it’ll tell you if you’re registered and the address attached to that registration. If you’ve ever been registered your name will show up, even if that registration is currently inactive. It will, further, tell you why your registration is inactive, if it is, and you can then re-register. DO IT NOW and be sure you’re ready to vote on Election Day! If you’re interested, you can review all the elections you’ve voted in since 2006!

A photo ID is required to vote in the State of Wisconsin.
Need some help getting to the DMV to get your Driver’s License or State ID sorted out? Cable resident Donna Post would be happy to help! Give her a call or text at 715-558-6111 or email her at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

You can request an Absentee Ballot on the website or by contacting your Town Clerk, Deanne Allen at the Town office at 715-798-4440. She can be found there 8-1, Monday-Thursday. You must be registered to apply for and receive an absentee ballot unless you are active military.

Early Voting is available in the Town of Cable by presenting yourself to the Town Clerk at the Town of Cable Offices Monday-Thursday, 8-1, if you are registered and have photo ID with you. Your window of opportunity to early vote for the 11/6 election is 10/22 – 11/2. If the 8-1 timeframe does not work for you, please contact Town Clerk Deanne Allen at the Town Office at 715-798-4440 or at 715-798-5097 to arrange a mutually convenient time to meet her at the Town of Cable Office.


Upcoming Voting Days:
November 6th, 2018 – Get out and vote in this important mid-term election. (Oct. 16th will be the last day you can register online for 11/6. You can still register in Cable at the Cable Town Hall until 11/2 or at the Cable Community Centre on Voting Day.)



Progress Report, January 2018

It's been just a bit over a year since the library acquired the property adjacent to us, and, if there's one thing we've's that everything takes time. Granted, we jumped on the opportunity to purchase the property, not because we had a definite idea of what we wanted to do with it, but, because we saw it as our best opportunity to both remain in our existing (and much beloved) location AND to build a library addition that would allow us to better serve the needs of our communities.

We spent some time talking with people who'd been involved in previous attempts at expansion and with others who'd undergone or were in the process of renovation efforts at their own libraries. Our summer "social" event, A Novel Affair, in addition to showcasing library services and having fun, was an opportunity to engage with our patrons about services they'd like to see offered, and features that would be appreciated in a library addition. We received further input on patrons wishes and needs via Cable Tomorrow, the Town of Cable's ongoing visioning process. Our Board, in a special meeting, reviewed all of this material and defined our own list of what we considered to be essential features of any library addition.

In the last several months we have established an interview committee and have interviewed three architectural firms, all who have some experience working with libraries. We are currently engaged in the process of visiting projects overseen by these various architects, which we hope will assist us in choosing the best fit for our project, community and budget. So far our travels have taken us east to Eagle River. We anticipate visits to Ely, Duluth/Superior and Iron River. While it can sometimes feel as though the process has stalled, these are weighty decisions, and we very much wish to exercise due diligence!

In the meantime, we and our patrons have enjoyed the use of the property! As you are likely aware, The Katie Flowers Endowment cleared out of the Depot out at the Cable Recreation Park and their book sale is now located in what we are calling the Bookhouse on that property. They had open hours nearly every Saturday through the end of September and were also open for Christmas in Cable. The library has used the property for a couple of MAKERSPACE events, one on how to fix your bicycle and another on starting a fire...without a match!

Stay tuned...we'll keep you posted! 

And, so you know, we are always open to hearing about what YOU'D like to see in a library addition!

Falling in Love Again

We never plan for it to happen. Even when someone says, “Hey, I think you’ll really like this guy!” we think, sure. Right. We’ll see. Sometimes we really DO! This time his name is Peter May. He was first recommended to me by Sarah Letke (now a Forest Lodge Library Staff member!) and the first title I read was THE BLACKHOUSE. I was so swept away I immediately sat down and ordered everything fairly current from Mr. May for our library. Although considered a mystery writer, his writing is so superb that it blurs the distinction between genre writing and literary fiction. His descriptions of the island landscape, the sea that surrounds it, the winds that batter it, the clouds that pass over it…make you want to visit immediately. Not live there…it sounds pretty harsh…but visit? Yes, absolutely.

THE BLACKHOUSE is the first in a series of three novels set on Lewis Island in the Hebrides and featuring Fin Macleod. Fin has taken a month away from his job with the Edinburgh police force following the tragic death of his 8 year old son, victim of a hit-and-run accident. Now, his boss insists it’s time to quit or come back to work and assigns him to assist in a murder investigation on Lewis Island, which happens to be the home that Fin has not visited since he left, eighteen years previously. His return immerses him in the language and community he left long ago and gives rise to memories of his past, many of which he’d as soon have forgotten. I loved everything about this book. The writing is wonderful. The descriptions of the landscape and the weather that is inflicted upon seem to let you see it, feel it, taste it. The story-lines, connecting Fin’s past to the current murder investigation, are skillfully managed. No one I’ve recommended this book to has expressed disappointment. In fact, most readers have, as I did myself, gone on to read the next two volumes in the trilogy as quickly as possible. I thought THE LEWIS MAN even better than THE BLACKHOUSE…and THE CHESSMEN was a satisfying read, as well. (yes, the library owns all these titles now!) I also read two “stand-alones” which I found satisfying: ENTRY ISLAND, which, while unrelated, continues to explore the history of the people of the Hebrides, and RUNAWAY, which was a kick for its reminiscences of swingin’ 60’s London in addition to being a solid crime novel. So. I have this advice for you. READ PETER MAY!