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A joint library of the Cable & Namakagon communities.

What's News?

July 12, 2011

It's a lovely summer day here in lovely downtown Cable, WI. We're certainly seeing summer traffic here at the library! Folks are waiting in queue to use our public access computers and folks with their laptops line our long table...and can sometimes be found sitting on the front steps before or after hours! Let that be a word to the wise! A computer might not be available as soon as you walk in the door, and, because of heavy traffic, you may be limited to a half-hour session. Also, because of the strain it places on bandwidth, internet gaming could be restricted during times of heavy use.

IF you need to use the computer to take a test, or for some other reason cannot squish your session into half an hour let us know and we'll hook you up with one of our laptops.

We are in hiatus from our Community Conversation series until late August...when we'll be showing "Green Fire", a documentary about Aldo Leopold at 6:30 on Wednesday, August 31st. Joan Cervenka, a Forest Service representative, will be bringing the film and offering up a little background and sticking around for any post-discussion.

We continue to screen a movie a month! Check our Home page and/or calendar for information!

There's a couple of other interesting events in the works....STAY TUNED!

...And HAPPY SUMMER! Stay hydrated!

June 26, 2010

Goodness, where HAVE I been! Well, busy at the library, for one thing!

Winter is now L O N G past...and ended quite abruptly not long after my last posting. We had a lovely long spring. We had an April that was like May....and a May that was like an April. We were in a drought...but have been experiencing heavy rains for the last several weeks...which has turned Cable into a mushroom garden!


You wouldn't want to be EATING these mushrooms, lovely as they are! They are Fly Agaric or Aminita Muscaria...and considered to be poisonous.

There's lots going on at the library! We're two weeks into our MAKE A SPLASH summer reading program. We're excited to offer fun...interesting and educational programs on Friday mornings at 10:30 through July 23rd. Most programs are held at the Community Centre...with the exception of our Tom Pease program finale, which will be held "on the lawn" between the library and the Cable Natural History Museum. (We do have the Cable Rec Park as a "fallback position" if there should be inclement weather.) An ongoing reading program accompanies these EVENTS. Kids can accumulate points for the books they read. Points are rewarded with "scrip" that can be spent at Redbery Books or the Ideal Market. Points also entitle kids to put some scales on our MakeWish BookFish...and specially marked scales entitle kids to pick a prize. We might even let you feed Flash our MAKE A SPLASH fish!

Our Community Conversation is taking a month off...spend your Wednesdays at the Cable Natural History Museum's Joe Jenkins Lecture Series! This lecture series also takes places at the Cable Community Centre. For more information on this series...or any Museum programming, visit their website at

We've started our My Favorite Films monthly screening. In July we'll be viewing The Girl with the Dragon Tatoo, yes, that's right! This is the Swedish film made from the blockbuster novel. Hollywood will be making their own version...but, I, for one, am very anxious to see this one! We have the item on pre-order...and have every reason to think that it will arrive in time for our scheduled 7/29 screening.

 We're celebrating our 85th Anniversary this summer! Our Board of Trustees threw a Tea Party early in June, a lovely event on a lovely summer's day. Everything was just as delicious as it looks!


The Forest Lodge Library Staff presented a Patron Appreciation spread for three days towards the end of June. We hope to offer up a few additional events as the year progresses. For example...on July 22, author Bill Mathias will come to the Cable Community Centre to talk about his book Monster Fire, about the big fire in the Minong area in 1972. We hope to involve the local fire departments and turn it into a fun, family, educational and interesting event! We'll also plan to screen a film that was popular back in 1925, have a "especially for kids" event....when our Libri Foundation granted books arrive...and, well, although it's half-past, we've yet to see what all the year may hold!

Hope to see you at the Forest Lodge Library sometime this summer!




February 19, 2010

The solar heating is really pouring through my office's window today! We're having typical pre-Birkie week weather...warm and melty. Happily, this year we have SO MUCH SNOW that it's not sending us into panic mode! We look forward to next week...when, annually, the world comes to Cable, and we're treated to such sights as athletic-looking men wandering through Rondeau's grocery store with English/Other dictionaries.

This snow-face was carved into the huge snow piles the Town of Cable mounds in a vacant lot behind my house (which, I believe, is vacant specifically for that reason!) by local kids who consider this to be a play-area. (just as I did when I was a kid, eh?) I just happened to see it when I was out walking Ms. Dog and Sr. Cat the other day...just had to take a photo of it. I've been calling it the Indomitable Snowman.

With the Birkie coming up next weekend...that means that Spring is only just around the corner...although that corner is still a couple of blocks away, eh? Well, I think the general consensus is that we've had a really beautiful winter. Beaucoup snow...and our cold snaps were neither too long or too cold.

We look forward to Dr. Eric Swanson presenting a program on trapping at our upcoming Community Conversation on March 3rd. And...we really, really, REALLY will get going with a film series...and maybe a documentary series, sometime real soon. So...stay in touch!

January 15

cablewinter2010Oh,'s winter here in the Northwoods of Wisconsin! Sitting here, as I do, looking out the front windows of the Forest Lodge Library at the snow piled on the cedars in front of the Cable UCC Church and the flags waving gently in the Veteran's Triangle, I consider myself to be a very fortunate human being, indeed! Cable just IS a very special place...and the rustic Forest Lodge Library log cabin is certainly part of what makes it special.

I am happy to report that, due to the purchase of an EcoSmartFire insert, function has been restored to our beautiful stone fireplace. The funds to purchase the insert were granted by our historic benefactors, the Mary Livingston Griggs and Mary Griggs Burke Foundation. We had it burning every day through the holiday season. You'll usually find it burning on weekends...or on especially cold winter days.

I can hardly believe that I've WRAPPED UP Year #1 as the Library Director! It has been a challenging and exciting year...and I LOVE THIS JOB! I love working with and talking about books and movies and magazines. I love hooking people up with the information they need...or the kind of entertainment they want. I love working on developing programming that will be of interest and benefit to local residents and vistors. And I'm certainly open to hearing about what YOU'D like to hear about...or the library!

frostyredpineJan2010Yes, I've been talking for awhile about starting up a story-time here. Since it didn't get accomplished in the fall, I'm thinking now to wait until it warms up just a little! Also planning to get some film and documentary viewings going in the next month or so. One of our late season purchases was a 32" television set to utilize as a screen. So, if you're a movie buff...STAY TUNED!

If any of our friends or patrons who spend their winters ELSEWHERE would like to send news or greetings...send a note to me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and I'll work your message into this blog! 


December 11th

amafterblizzar1209Yikes, somehow nearly two months has flown by since my last blog posting! We've gone through a Novemberlike October and an Octoberlike November and find ourselves now in the midst of REAL WINTER, with 8-12" of fresh snow this week and sub-zero temps. Brrr! It is, however, true that many if not most of us who live in these parts actually prefer this to 90 degrees and humid. I know I do!

We hope those of you who are in the neighborhood will stop in to see us during this holiday season. We have a couple of Holiday Cheer days scheduled for the 21st through the 23rd and will have some hot cider and cookies for you to enjoy. We've got some greenery about. Leo Preisler has loaned us several Santas from his collection. We hope to have an Ecosmart fireplace insert functioning before our Holiday Cheer, if for no other reason, come on in and appreciate the warmth and ambience!

We are also the happy recipients of a new furnace! This was provided by our "landlord" the Cable Natural History Museum from funds provided through a grant from the Mary Livingston Griggs and Mary Griggs Burke Foundation. (most of the funding for our fireplace insert derives from this source as well, although from a different grant package.) This new high efficiency furnace is working well, should provide some cost savings on propane use...and doesn't make a sound like a hamster running on a wheel!

Here's wishing EVERYONE a warm, peaceful and joyous holiday season!

And HERE'S photgraphic evidence of what a difference a day makes!