Forest Lodge Library

A joint library of the Cable & Namakagon communities.


Community Conversation

The Forest Lodge Library schedules a Community Conversation event on a monthly basis. This is an opportunity for area residents to share their expertise, their experience, their interests and their issues with others in the community. The library is willing to purchase books and/or DVDs recommended by the presenter for the permanent collection. These items will be on display in advance of the presentation and available for check-out after it. Check our calendar for upcoming Community Conversations and if you have a subject you’d like to discuss, please contact Forest Lodge Library Director Kristine Lendved at 798-3189. She would love to talk to you, schedule a date for your presentation and get your recommendations for the collection.

Community Conversations are typically not scheduled in July or August.

My Favorite Films Series

Love movies? Library Director Kristine Lendved does! Check our home page and the site's calendar for information on the current month's offering an do let us know if you have any recommendations!

Book A Librarian

If you'd like some help learning how to use the catalog computer, setting up an e-mail address, learning how to "surf" the web, identifying sources for a research project or an assist involving any other of the mad skillz we librarians possess, give us a call or shoot us an email and we'll set up a block of time for you to have a one-on-one with someone willing and able to help you out!